2.05" Translucent Sphalerite Crystals with Galena - China

Here is a beautiful, 2.05" wide specimen with translucent, orange sphalerite crystals and galena crystals, all on a bed of druzy quartz. This specimen was collected from the Shuikoushan Mine in the Shuikoushan ore field of China.

Sphalerite is a part of the sulfide group and typically exhibits a grey/black appearance due to high concentrations of impurities. In its purest state, sphalerite's chemical composition is ZnS, and can display a gemmy transparent light tan/yellow color. This is one of the few minerals that can form crystals ranging anywhere between gemmy and transparent to opaque and metallic-like. Opaque or cloudy sphalerite tends to be most abundant since iron easily replaces zinc in the process of formation.
Sphalerite, Galena & Quartz
Shuikoushan Mine, Shuikoushan ore field, Hunan, China
2.05 x 1.4"