2.1" Anatase Crystals on Matrix - Pakistan

This incredible specimen contains 7 easily visible, metallic anatase crystals, associated with small quartz crystals, on a rough matrix. The largest anatase crystal on this specimen measures in at .46" long, though it's size can be overlooked when compared to the variety of other anatase crystal sizes and terminations covering the matrix. Clusters of anatase crystals can also be found throughout the specimen, leaving some anatase crystals with unique formations.

Anatase is a mineral composed of titanium dioxide that typically forms dipyramidal crystals, although variations can occur with mineral clumping. Four-pointed, X-shaped anatase crystals, while rare, have been found and are known as "X-shaped penetration twins". Horizontal striations can be seen across most anatase mineral faces and most crystals end in points, or with variations of flattening on each end. It can be found in a variety of colors, from browns and reds to greens and pinks, and can be colorless in very rare cases. However, it is most commonly black or other very dark colors due to impurities.
2.1" long, 1.5" wide, .46" longest crystal