2.1" Rare, Red Villiaumite Crystal Section - Murmansk Oblast, Russia

This is a 2.1" wide crystal section of the rare mineral, villiaumite. It was collected from the Koashva Open Pit (Vostochnyi Mine) in Russia, a site known for it's unique mineral specimens. The stunning red, pink and orange colors of this specimen are best seen by backlighting the crystal. It has been mounted to an acrylic display base with mineral tack.

Villiaumite is a rare halide mineral and the Na (sodium) analogue of carobbiite. It occurs in rock of nepheline-syenite composition and can bear red, pink, and orange coloration. The vibrant red color of many specimens can be attributed to "radiation damage" to the crystal. Some notable locations of villiaumite formation include Minas Gerais in Brazil, Greenland, Kenya, Namibia, Russia, Norway, and the United States. It is named after the French explorer Maxime Villiaume, who collected this material from Los Islands, Guinea.

Toxicity Warning: Villiaumite is water-soluble and toxic to humans when ingested, so we suggest keeping it away from children. While it does not pose a threat sitting on a shelf or from periodic handling, washing hands following handling of the mineral is recommended.

  • Chemical Formula: NaF (sodium fluoride)

  • Fluorescence: Some villiaumite crystals will exhibit fluorescence under both long and shortwave ultraviolet light.
    Villiaumite & Pectolite
    Koashva Open Pit, Koashva Mt., Khibiny Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
    2.1 x 1.6"