2.15" Polished Potato Agate Slice - England

This is a cut and polished agate slice collected from Dulcote Quarry in Somerset, England. This agate occurs as nodules in the red marly clays overlying the Carboniferous Limestone. Material of this quality is getting more difficult to obtain since the quarry closed down a few years ago.

This specimen comes with an acrylic display stand.

Potato agate, also known as Dulcote agate, is a unique and unusual kind of agate from the Dulcote quarry in the county of Somerset in England. Agate is very rare in England, so these unusual beauties are often sought after for both their rarity and striking colors. The potato part of their name comes from their quite lumpy and potato-like exteriors, unlike their gorgeous interiors. These agates often display an array of red, white, orange, and pink banding, along with occasional quartz pockets.

Chalcedony var. Agate
Dulcote Quarry, near Wells, Somerset, England
2.15 x 1.6", .4" thick