2.2" Polished Graphic Amazonite Pebble

This is a 2.2" wide, polished, graphic amazonite pebble.

Graphic amazonite is a trade name for amazonite mixed with greyish streaks of smoky quartz. This trade name is typically applied to much of the material mined near Anjanabonoina, Madagascar.

Amazonite is a greenish variety of microcline feldspar, a cousin to moonstone and sunstone. It was thought that Amazonite was originally discovered near the Amazon River, hence the name. But, it turns out the name is a misnomer as there are no known deposits of Amazonite in the region.

For years it was thought that the green color was due to copper content, but we now know that it’s due to very small quantities of lead present in the mineral. The lead is locked away in the crystal structure so it poses no health risk from handling.

Microcline var. Amazonite & Quartz var. Smoky
2.2" wide