2.6" Exquisite Pyromorphite Crystal Cluster - Bunker Hill Mine, Idaho

This is a beautiful cluster of lustrous, yellow-orange pyromorphite crystals from the Bunker Hill Mine in Shoshone County, Idaho. These crystals are in pristine condition and would make an excellent addition to any mineral collection.

Pyromorphite is a mineral species composed of lead chlorophosphate: Pb5(PO4)3Cl, sometimes occurring in sufficient abundance to be mined as an ore of lead. It forms small, hexagonal crystals ranging from dark green to yellow, to orange.

The lead in pyromorphite can be harmful if absorbed into the blood stream by inhalation or ingestion. The crystals won't pose a health hazard just sitting on a shelf but it would be recommended to wash your hands after handling.
Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Coeur d'Alene District, Shoshone Co., Idaho
2.6 x 1.8"