2.28" Polished Uvarovite Egg - Russia

This is an alluring, 2.28" tall polished egg made from emerald green garnets that formed within a brecciated rock. Unlike the druzy habit more commonly seen on the market, these garnets completely filled in their respective cavities, resulting in optimal polishing material. The polish really brings out the vibrant green coloration of the uvarovite.

Uvarovite is a chromium-bearing garnet group species with the formula: Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3. It is one of the rarest of the garnet group minerals, and is the only consistently green garnet species with an emerald-green color. It occurs as well formed, fine-sized crystals. It is found associated with chromium ores in Spain, Russia, and Quebec in Canada. It also occurs in Finland, Norway, and South Africa.
Uvarovite (Garnet Group)
Saranovskoje Deposit, West Ural, Russia
2.28 x 1.65"