2.3" Blue Bladed Barite Crystal Cluster - Peru

This is a wonderful specimen composed of glass-clear, light blue bladed barite crystals on dolomite. The crystals are in great condition and were collected from the Department of Huánuco in Peru. This specimen has been mounted with mineral tack for museum-quality display.

Under short-wave ultraviolet light, this specimen fluoresces light green and reveals interesting patterns.

Barite, commonly spelled baryte, is well-known for its great range of colors and varied crystal forms and habits. = It is a heavy mineral consisting of barium sulfate, and typically has the chemical formula of BaSO4. The barite group consists of baryte, celestine, anglesite, and anhydrite. It is generally white to colorless and is the main source of barium.
Barite, Dolomite & Chalcopyrite(?)
Cerro Warihuyn, Miraflores, Huánuco, Huamalíes Province, Peru
2.3 x 1.15"