2.4" El Médano (395) Brachinite Meteorite Slice (6.4 grams) - Chile

This is a real treat: a 2.4" wide (6.4 grams) thin-sliced piece of the El Médano (395) primitive achondrite (brachinite) that was collected during a meteorite hunting expedition in the El Médano region of the Atacama Desert of Chile. It has a gorgeous red-brown coloration and is translucent.

The specimen is a small part of a single, 2288 gram stone that was discovered by Steve Arnold in November 2018, near the top of a hill in Antofogasta, Chile. Despite looking very much like a ureilite meteorite, it turned out to be the western hemisphere's first recovered brachinite. These extremely rare meteorites are composed almost entirely of olivine and little is know of their origin. Testing determined this El Médano (395) brachinite by volume is composed of 93% olivine, 5.5% diopside, 0.64% chromite, 0.57% plagioclase, 0.25% sulphide, and oxidized iron metal.

Comes with a riker display case.
Olivine, Diopside, Oxidized Iron (Fe), Chromite, Plagioclase & Sulphide
Atacama Desert, El Médano Region, Antofogasta, Chile
2.4 x 1.9", about .025" thick, Weight: 6.4 grams