2.45" Sphalerite, Galena & Calcite Crystal Association - Bulgaria

This specimen contains large galena and sphalerite crystals, all of which display a beautiful luster. Along what could be considered the bottom of the specimen, a druze of calcite crystals can be found lining the matrix.

The Madan ore fields are located in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. This long stretch of mountain range in Southeastern Europe is home to a variety of incredible minerals, with sulfides being some of which show great variety in these mountains. One of these sulfides is gold ore, a mineral that is mined consistently from the Rhodopes, though is typically found containing relatively high amounts of cyanide. Because of this, there is an additional cyanide extraction process that takes place before the gold can be applicable for whatever use.
Other sulfides like galena, sphalerite, and chalcopyrite of all shapes and sizes, can be found throughout this mountain range.
Sphalerite, Galena & Calcite
Borieva mine, Madan ore field, Bulgaria.
2.45" long, 1.9" wide