2.5" Fluoro-Magnesiokatophorite crystal - Ontario

This is a clean, well formed specimen of Fluoro-Magnesiokatophorite. This specimen displays the common monoclinic-prismatic symmetry that most katophorite mineral specimens would present.

Katophorite minerals will form in Alkaline igneous rock, and are typically found along side other calcium and sodium rich minerals that can be classified under their mineral "supergroup", Amphiboles. This class of minerals tends to consist of either magnesium and/or iron, ions, and forms mainly in prism or needle-like projections.

Most, if not all of our fluoro-magnesiokatophorite is from Bear Lake Diggings, Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada. Katophorite from Bear Lake, Ontario, are known to be some of the most beautiful, well formed Katophorite mineral specimens around. Some specimens have said to exceed a foot in length when found inside the calcite vein-dykes of the area.

All fluoro-magnesiokatophorite listed was collected by Michael Walter in 1995.

Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada
2.5" long