2.5" Gemmy Sphalerite & Galena On Quartz Specimen - China

This is a 2.5" wide example of a red sphalerite crystal cluster in association with large clusters of metallic galena crystals. Collected from the Shuikoushan Mine of Hunan, China, these crystals are glittering showstoppers. The red crystals of sphalerite create nice contrast with the galena and the druzy pink matrix, making an excellent display piece.

Sphalerite is a part of the sulfides group and typically exhibits a grey/black appearance due to high concentrations of impurities. When sphalerite is in it's purest state, the chemical composition is ZnS, and can display a gemmy transparent light tan/yellow color. This is one of the few minerals that can form crystals ranging anywhere between gemmy and transparent to opaque and metallic-like. Opaque or cloudy sphalerite tends to be most abundant, due to the ease of iron replacing zinc in the process of formation.

Sphalerite & Galena
Shuikoushan Mine, Shuikoushan ore field, Hunan, China
2.5 x 2.1"