2.6" Fluorescent Trona Crystal Cluster - Owens Lake, California

This is a cluster of attractive yellow trona crystals, collected from Owens Lake in Inyo County, California. The crystals are in excellent condition and under shortwave ultraviolet light, exhibit a white fluorescence. The entire specimen measures 2.6" wide.

Trona is a non-marine evaporative mineral that is mined as the primary source of sodium carbonate. It can be found in the Ankara Province of Turkey, the Heinan Province of China, the Green River Formation of Wyoming, the Kenyan Rift Valley, te Nile Valley in Egypt, Owens Lake in California, and many more locations, primarily as evaporative deposits within the upper lithosphere. The Green River trona deposit is by far the largest known deposit in the world, producing significant amounts of trona laid down by the lake during the Paleogene Period.

Trona (sodium carbonate) has many modern day applications, including its use in conditioning water, removing sulfur from lignite coals and flue gases, as a leavener (it's baking soda!), and as a common source of soda ash. It is also used in the manufacturing of glass, chemicals, paper detergents, and textiles.

Chemical formula: Na3H(CO3)2 · 2H2O
Owens Lake, Owens Valley, Inyo County, California
2.6" wide