2.65" Wild Horse Magnesite Oval Cabochon

This is a 2.65" tall, oval shaped Wild Horse magnesite cabochon. The magnesite was collected from the Globe Copper Mine in Southeast Arizona and has been polished to a glossy finish. This cabochon would be perfect for jewelry making.

Wild Horse Magnesite, also known as "Crazy Horse", is a semi-precious, brown-red and white gemstone that comes from near the Globe Copper Mine in southeastern Arizona. It is a metamorphic rock containing plumes of white magnesite, which often has a grey to brown mottled appearance within the surrounding red-brown, hematite-rich rock. This magnesite formation occurs under low grade metamorphism (200 to 320°C at low pressure) when magnesium-rich rock comes into contact with a carbonate-rich solution.
Magnesite & Hematite
Globe Copper Mine, Southeast, Arizona
2.65 x 1.5", .22" thick