4" Cerussite with Bladed Barite on Galena - Morocco

This lustrous specimen is covered in a cluster of light-yellow, transparent cerussite crystals, formed from a galena coated matrix, beneath. The largest cerussite crystal measures .69" long! White-pink clusters of bladed barite can also be found along what could be considered the top of the specimen.

Cerussite is a lead-carbonate mineral with the chemical formula PbCO3, and is an important ore of lead. It is a common weathering product of galena, explaining why it is typically extracted from oxidized zones of lead ore deposits. It can form into a variety of different structures, sometimes in fibrous patterns and other times in granular aggregations, though it generally forms vitreous pseudo-hexagonal crystals. Its colors vary depending on composition and structure: it is most commonly colorless, white, grey and green-tinted.
Cerussite, Barite & Galena
Mibladen, Morocco
4.0" long, 1.7" wide