2.9" Lustrous Chabazite Crystals on Chalcedony - India

This is a stunning, 2.9" wide specimen that features lustrous chabazite crystals that formed over druzy quartz chalcedony, collected from Madhya Pradesh, India. This formation occurred within a cavity/vug in the basalt host rock.

One edge of the rock has been cut flat for presentation.

Chabazite is the name for a series of minerals that include chabazite-Ca, chabazite-K, chabazite-Mg, chabazite-Na and chabazite-Sr. The variety of the crystal is dependent on the cation present during formation (Ca, K, Mg, Na or Sr). The red chabazite is commonly a calcium-dominant variety (chabazite-ca), the most prevalent of the chabazite series. Crystals usually exhibit a rhombohedral habit and can display a variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, and colorless.

Chavazite's general chemical formula is (Ca,K2,Na2)2[Al2Si4O12]2 · 12H2O.

Chabazite & Quartz var. Chalcedony
Khadakwani, Madhya Pradesh, India
2.9 x 2.3"