2.9" Polished Red-Pink Yuksporite - Yukspor Mountain, Russia

This is a 2.9" wide, polished yuksporite section that was collected from Yukspor Mountain on the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The specimen features sprays of red-pink yuksporite crystals that are associated with an array of other minerals. Under shortwave UV, the yuksporite fluoresces a mixture of white, yellow and orange, with vibrant red fluorescence of what is likely calcite adjacent to the yuksporite.

One side of this specimen has been polished to a glossy finish, while the rest has been left in its rough state. Comes with an acrylic display stand.

Yuksporite is a rare inosilicate mineral that often bears brown-pink, rose-pink to yellow coloration. The type locality of Yuksporite is Hackman Valley on Yukspor Mountain, where the first documented discovery was by Ekaterina Evtikhievna Kostyleva in 1922. It has quite a complex chemical formula - K4(Ca,Na)14Sr2Mn(Ti,Nb)4(O,OH)4(Si6O17)2(Si2O7)3(H2O,OH)3 - and contains rare elements such as niobium, strontium and titanium, among a wide variety of other more common elements. Yuksporite is only known to be found in Russia where it occurs in veins in nepheline syenite.
Yukspor Mt., Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia
2.9 x 2.8"