2.9" Red Helgoland Chert - Germany

This is a red Helgoland chert ("Roter Feuerstein") specimen, collected from Helgoland, Germany. This form of chert/flint can be found along the shores of this island in the North Sea, as well as sites on the mainland of Helgoland. The process of formation is unknown, however the red center is known for containing iron oxides, and typically being the sought after coloring.

There is a small repaired crack along one of the corners of this specimen.

Flint and chert are dense, cryptocrystalline varieties of quartz, slightly translucent to almost opaque. Firestone, hornstone, and silex are other names for flint and chert. Some authors use "chert" as the more general term, with flint being a dark variant. Others use the term "flint" for nodules and "chert" for large bodies of rocks. Both terms are more often used very broadly. There's apparently no clearly defined line that separates flint from chert and that people agree on.
Microcrystalline Quartz
Helgoland, Germany
2.9" wide, 2.2" tall