24.5" Dark Purple, Amethyst Geode Table - Includes Glass Table Top

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This is a jaw-dropping amethyst geode that sits snugly within a custom metal base to create a breathtaking indoor table. It is accompanied by a large round of beveled glass that measures 30" in diameter.

This high quality amethyst geode was collected in Brazil and bears breathtaking, deep-purple coloration. Six small calcite crystals can be found perched atop some of the amethyst and the "rind" of the geode has been polished to a glossy-finish. Just imagine sitting next to this functional masterpiece and visually exploring the naturally-formed beauty produced by our planet.

Geode dimensions - 24.5 x 18 x 4"
Table height - 20" tall
Glass diameter - 30" wide
Weight including glass, stand, and geode - 143.5 lbs

The table is accompanied by rubber rounds to place between the metal arms and glass round.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to natural irradiation, iron impurities, and the presence of trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions. It is considered a semi-precious gemstone, and just two centuries ago was considered to have a value on par with diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Much of the world’s amethyst comes from extensive deposits in Southern Brazil that have been heavily mined for about a century. The amethyst occurs in large cavities or geodes within volcanic rocks and the coloration and crystal size can vary greatly.
Quartz var. Amethyst & Calcite
Amethyst Geode: 24.5 x 18 x 4", Table Height: 20"