3.15" Polished Aragonite Stalactite Slice - Morocco

This is a beautiful polished slice of a stalactite formed from banded aragonite and calcite, also known as "cave popcorn", collected and polished in Morocco. The polished side of this section displays brown, tan, white and translucent bands of aragonite and calcite. It also fluoresces white under short-wave UV light.

This specific kind of aragonite-calcite stalactite is often called cave popcorn since it resembles a bumpy popcorn ceiling texture in caves. It sometimes even looks like popcorn when sliced!

It is accompanied with an acrylic display stand for aesthetic presentation.

Morocco is well known for its abundant aragonite formations, most commonly seen as radiating clusters of clear to deep reddish prismatic hexagonal crystals known as floaters. Such mineral aggregations are called floaters because they form without attachments to walls, seemingly free-floating in the matrices they are extracted from.

Besides these floaters, Moroccan aragonite takes just about every other form of the mineral you can think of. Aragonite commonly forms stalactitic and stalagmitic formation in caves, even coating the walls and ceilings of caves in nubby formations called cave popcorn. Botryoidal, fibrous, and scalenohedral aragonite also occurs.
Aragonite & Calcite
3.15" wide, 0.5" thick