3.2" Magenta Erythrite Cystals - Morocco

This mineral specimen from Morocco contains lustrous deep purple erythrite crystals of various sizes, protruding from a black matrix. Erythrite crystals can be found on both sides of the matrix, as well as in between small gaps. A small portion of erythrite cluster can be found misted over by a chlorite mineralization.

Erythrite is a soft and delicate secondary mineral, typically forming prismatic crystals in cobalt-bearing deposits. Erythrite from around the world is known for displaying a deep purple luster, with crystals from Bou Azzer, Morocco having some of the largest and most magnificent characteristics around. Finding specimens with large crystals is more rare than not, due to the difficulty in removing erythrite from it's matrix, without breakage.

Erythrite has the chemical formula Co3(AsO4)2 · 8H2O, meaning it contains arsenic. While it doesn't pose an immediate health risk from purely handling, ingestion in significant amounts and/or crushing and inhaling erythrite can be toxic. For this reason, we suggest washing hands after handling and keeping out of reach of children.
Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco
3.2" long, 1.9" wide