3.35" Skeletal Halite Crystals with Tolbachite - Poland

This is a relatively new find from the Sieroszowice Mine in Lubin, Poland. It is a skeletal halite which has a dark green color due to the presence of inclusions of rare tolbachite, covellite, sulphur and bitumen. This material was collected in 2016 and 2017, with only 200-300 good specimens recovered from the mine, most much smaller than this one.

This specimen includes an acrylic display stand.

Halite more commonly known as rock salt, is a form of the mineral sodium chloride. It forms due to the evaporation of salt rich waters and the coloration is due to mineral impurities.
Halite with Tolbachite Inclusions
Sieroszowice Mine, Lubin, Poland
3.35 x 2.3"