4.3" Bright Orange Bladed Barite Cluster - Morocco

This is large cluster of pinkish orange bladed barite on a galena and cerussite matrix, collected from the Les Dalles Mine in Mibladen, Morocco.

Barite, commonly spelled baryte, is well-known for its great range of colors and varied crystal forms and habits. = It is a heavy mineral consisting of barium sulfate, and typically has the chemical formula of BaSO4. The barite group consists of baryte, celestine, anglesite, and anhydrite. It is generally white to colorless and is the main source of barium.

Galena is a lead-based mineral and the primary ore of lead, and has been used for its lead content for thousands of years. Galena typically displays a gray metallic luster and forms cubes or octahedral crystals. The chemical composition of galena is PbS.

While galena will not pose a health hazard by sitting on the shelf or even from casual handling, we suggest washing hands following handling due to the mineral's lead content.
Les Dalles Mine (Lidal Mine), Mibladen, Aït Oufella Caïdat, Midelt Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region, Morocco
4.3 x 1.9"