4.4" Polished Wild Horse Magnesite Section - Arizona

This is a beautiful, polished section of wild horse magnesite that was collected from southeastern Arizona. It has been polished to a glossy-finish on one side and left in its rough state on the opposite side.

Comes with an acrylic display stand

Wild Horse Magnesite, also known as "Crazy Horse" or "Appaloosa Stone", is a semi-precious, brown-red and white gemstone that comes from near the Globe Copper Fine in Southeastern Arizona. It's a metamorphic rock that contains plumes of white magnesite that can often have a grey to brown mottled appearance within the surrounding red-brown hematite-rich rock. This magnesite formation occurs during low grade metamorphism (200 to 320°C at low pressure) when magnesium-rich rock comes into contact with a carbonate-rich solution.
Magnesite & Hematite
Globe Copper Mine, Southeast, Arizona
4.4 x 3.6", up to 1.2" thick