4.5" Colorful, Wild Fire Opal Slab (Not Polished) - Utah

This is a beautiful, colorful slab of Wild Fire Opal that was collected from Milford County, Utah. It is part of a new find from the Bubble Opal Claim. It has been cut flat on both sides and left with a matte finish. Comes with an acrylic display stand.

Wild fire opal, also referred to as "bacon opal" and "bubble opal" is a hot spring deposit that was discovered in 2018-2019. It is composed primarily of silica, however there are a variety of minerals throughout the opal/agate that are responsible for the vibrant coloration. This formation was found in the Bubble Opal claim in Milford, Utah, deposited as a false floor over a hot spring pool. It is believed to be a 19,000 year old formation, it's considered a one of a kind find and reportedly the deposits on the claim have been mined out.
Opal & Agate
Bubble Opal Claim, Milford, Utah
4.5 x 4.2", .3" thick