4.5" Red Realgar, Pyrite, Galena On Quartz - Peru

This fantastic specimen contains beautiful red realgar crystals, galena, sphalerite, and sparkling pyrite crystals clinging to an aggregation of quartz, collected from the Palomo Mine in Perú.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Realgar is an arsenic sulfide mineral with the chemical formula of AsS. Realgar is known for its lustrous red hue, and pristine specimens can be transparent with sharp crystals. The crystal structure is typically stubby and prismatic, though botryoidal and earthy clumps can form as well.

Following prolonged/repeated periods of time under light, realgar will alter to pararealgar. If further left exposed, the pararealgar will crumble to a yellow dust. This mineral instability is particularly troublesome for museums where consistent light exposure has caused specimens to crumble over time. However, short, periodic exposure to light shouldn't alter realgar specimens.

Realgar contains a significant amount of poisonous arsenic, making it somewhat toxic. Therefore, we recommend washing your hands following handling.

Galena is a lead-based mineral and the primary ore of lead, and has been used for its lead content for thousands of years. Galena typically displays a gray metallic luster and forms cubes or octahedral crystals. The chemical composition of galena is PbS.

While galena will not pose a health hazard by sitting on the shelf or even from casual handling, we suggest washing hands following handling due to the mineral's lead content.
Realgar, Galena, Sphalerite, Pyrite & Quartz
Palomo Mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica, Peru
4.5 x 3.25"