5.1" Honey Colored Barite Crystals On Fluorescent Calcite - Elk Creek

This is a beautiful, 5.1" specimen of gemmy, honey-colored barite crystals on a matrix of yellow calcite. It comes from Elk Creek in Meade County, South Dakota. Under long wave and short wave UV, these crystals react by fluorescing orange-yellow (long wave UV) and white-yellow (short wave UV).

Elk Creek, South Dakota is renowned for producing these calcite and barite specimens. The barite crystals collected from here are considered some of the nicest specimens around the world and can sell for thousands of dollars. These mineral specimens form as fossiliferous septarian, calcareous concretions that erode out of the Gregory Member of the Pierre Shale. These concretions have to be carefully opened with specialized diamond saws. If opened incorrectly or too hastily, the calcite and world-class barite crystals can be damaged easily.
Calcite & Barite
Elk Creek, Meade County, South Dakota
5.1 x 3 x 2.9"