5.3" Striated Colombian Quartz Crystal - Peña Blanca Mine

This is a stunningly glass-like, 5.3" long quartz crystal that was collected from the famous Peña Blanca Mine in Colombia. Crystals from this location are frequently referred to as "Lemurian Quartz" and steeped in metaphysical lore. This specific variety of quartz crystal has gem-quality clarity allowing the viewer to peer seamlessly through the prism. In addition to crisp faceting and needle-sharp terminations, this crystal is wreathed in horizontal striations that give it a satisfying texture and stepped appearance.

Colombian quartz is known for its insane clarity and sharp termination points. These crystals are easily reminiscent of glass daggers and are quite exciting to behold. This locality offers one of the largest varieties of singular, translucent quartz crystals on the market. This quartz is exceptional in both clarity and size and will usually form as spears (individual, long, slender, well-faceted crystals). Collectors can easily see why this material is so popular and why so many make excellent display pieces.

Peña Blanca Mine, Boyacá Department, Colombia
5.3 x 1.6"