6.35" Polished Golden Amphibolite Slab - Western Australia

This is a 6.35" slab of "Golden Amphibolite", a metamorphic mineral. It has striking, shiny golden colored bands across its dark surface, and is polished to a pleasant sheen. This rare mineral formation would make an excellent display piece.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Golden amphibolite is an association of amphibole minerals formed from metamorphic processes at high temperature and pressure. Amphibole very rarely forms in this golden-colored variant, and is mined for commercial sale in parts of the United States and western Australia. Amphibolite is an inosilicate mineral with the chemical formula of SiO4, and typically forms in metamorphosed rock with high iron and/or magnesium content.

The process by which amphibolite forms involves the metamorphic transformation of magmatic minerals at about 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit and approximately 10 kilobars of atmospheric pressure. Most amphibolite is formed during the process of orogenesis, or mountain formation, which occurs when two tectonic plates collide and one rises above the other.
Amphibole Group
Abydos, Pilbara Region, Western Australia
6.35 x 4.3", .3" thick