7.6" Gemmy Aquamarine Crystals on Muscovite - Museum Quality

What we have here is an exceptionally beautiful, museum-quality aquamarine and muscovite association from Pakistan. The aquamarine crystals have fantastic sky-blue coloration, pristine terminations, and a stunning gemmy luster. There are over 40 naturally associated aquamarines scattered throughout the muscovite mica encrusted matrix. The entire specimen measures 7.6 x 5.8" and the largest crystal is 2.15" long.

Natural aquamarine plates of this size and quality are seldom seen on the online market. It is accompanied by an acrylic-metal display stand to assist with preferred presentation.

Aquamarine is a blue-green variety of beryl. Oddly enough, it owes its color to iron(II) and iron(III) cations within the crystal lattice, of which iron(II) is responsible for the blue color, while iron(III) is responsible for the yellow color. The color vibrance and hue are dependent on the concentration of these cations, or lack of one or the other. The presence of both cations in the right position within the crystal lattice, can result in a deep blue colored crystal that is known as "maxixe".
Beryl var. Aquamarine & Muscovite Mica
Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Entire Specimen: 7.6 x 5.8"