8.9" Cerussite Crystals with Malachite & Chrysocolla - Daoping Mine

This is a beautiful formation of cerussite crystals that are naturally associated with other carbonate minerals, including malachite and chrysocolla. It was collected from the Daoping Mine near Guilin City, China. Under short wave UV, the cerussite crystals have a faint yellow fluorescence.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Cerussite is a carbonate mineral with the chemical formula PbCO3, and is an important ore of lead. This lead-carbonate consisting mineral is a common weathering product of galena, explaining why it is typically extracted from oxidized zones of lead ore deposits. It can form into a variety of different structures, sometimes in fibrous patterns, other times in granular aggregations, though generally forming vitreous pseudo-hexagonal crystals. The colors of this mineral vary depending on composition and structure, with colorless, white, grey and green tinted, being the most common colors of crystals found.
Cerussite, Malachite & Chrysocolla
Daoping Mine, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China
8.9 x 4.6"