.85" Yellow Sulfur Crystals on Fluorescent Aragonite - Italy

This is a .85" wide specimen of sulfur crystals associated with aragonite, collected from the Cianciana Mine in Sicilia, Italy. The crystals have a ridiculously vibrant color and are in a solid habit instead of a powdery coating typical to sulfur deposits. This specimen has been mounted to a clear acrylic display stand with mineral tack for a clean, aesthetic presentation.

Under shortwave ultraviolet light, the aragonite exhibits a vibrant orange-pink fluorescence.

The chemical composition of this vibrant mineral is S8, eight sulfur atoms bonded together to form a sulfur molecule. The crystal structures are typically tabular or blocky dipyramids that form in sedimentary rock.

One note on handling: sulfur crystals can crack when exposed to rapid changes in temperature.

Sulfur & Aragonite
Cianciana Mine, Sicily, Italy
.85" wide