9.9" Plate of Zoned Apophyllite Crystals on Micro-Stilbite - India

This is a beautiful and gemmy 9.9" slab of crystals that consists of colorless zoned apophyllite, scattered atop a bed of micro-stilbite/apophyllite crystals. The apophyllite varies in size, with the largest crystal measuring .98" in length. Transparent micro-stilbite crystals make up the majority of this specimens "matrix", including larger fanning faint-peach stilbite crystals that can be found on the bottom of the specimen.

This specimens comes with an acrylic display stand.

Apophyllite while not a zeolite itself is almost always found associated with zeolites in the same pockets. It has two crystal habits, a rectangular prism capped by a steep four sided pyramid or a pseudo-cubic structure. While not a well known mineral to the general public it is popular among mineral collectors due to it's pastel colors and beautiful crystal formations.
Apophyllite & Stilbite
Bombay, India
9.9" long, 8.3" wide, largest crystal .98"