9.9" Polished Chrysanthemum Stone in Wood Base - China

This is a gorgeous, 9.9" tall (including base) chrysanthemum stone collected from the Hunan Province of China. It's polished to a matte finish around the entire specimen and has been set into a hand carved wood base.

Unlike many of the chrysanthemum stone specimens on the market, this has not been painted to enhance the crystals.

Chrysanthemum stone is the name given to a unique geological formation that resembles stark white flower petals on a dark sedimentary matrix. These unique stones started as accumulations of sediment deposited on the floors of ancient water bodies. As layers of sediment built up over these depositions, they cracked and were subsequently percolated by fluids rich in calcite, dolomite, and even andalusite or celestine. As these crystals grew or replaced previous crystals and the matrix continued to fracture under tectonic pressures, they produced the striking petal-like patterns seen in these formation.

The stone has a prolific histroy and cultural relevance to China, where it is most frequently found. It is often associated with stories of lovers sprinkling chrysanthemum flowers over the Liuyang River, where they hardened over time into stone. This conflates with the fact that Liuyang River is a major source of the material.

China is the world's most prolific producer of chrysanthemum stone, though it can also be sourced from western Japan, Canada, and the United States. Most Chinese chrysanthemum stone is calcite, dolomite, or chalcedony replacing earlier celestine in schist, while most Japanese material is aragonite in slate.

Note: The market is flooded with fakes of this material, often manifesting as flowers painted onto similar dark rocks. We take great care to carry only authentic chrysanthemum stone, as this beautiful specimen is.
Chrysanthemum Stone
Hunan Province, China
9.9" tall (including base), 6.4" wide stone