Sparkling, 10.8" Calcite Stalactite Formation - Morocco

This is a truly incredible specimen of calcite stalactitic formations. The calcite looks to have coated iron rich mineral projections from the ceiling of a cave, leaving the crystal coated matrix with a web-like appearance. This massive calcite stalactite formation displays beautifully on flat surfaces.

Stalactites form when water that seeps through rock, reaches an opening such as a cave or tunnel. Once this mineral rich water (calcite in this case) precipitates out of the rock wall/ceiling, it leaves behind a crystal as the precipitate builds with each drop of water. Stalagmites are likely to form from this process, for the drops from the ceiling will still contain high mineral content, typically depositing a precipitate that will continue to build as long as water continues to flow in this location.

Ighoud, Morocco
10.8" long, 5.9" wide, 4.3" tall