Dazzling 6.1" Quartz Perimorph (Stalactitic) Geode - Morocco

Here is a dazzling quartz perimorph geode from Morocco. A group of pinkish to reddish orange stalactites shoot out from one surface all parallel to each other which looks like shooting stars in a distant galaxy! This piece sits nicely on a flat surface for a wonderful display.

The mines near Tarazout, Sidi Rahal, Morocco have produced these very mysterious, beautiful and rare quartz perimorph geodes for the past 30 years. For many years they were referred to has psuedomorphs or quartz after other minerals, but they are perimorphs. Perimorphs differ from Pseudomorphs because they do not replace the earlier mineral but rather form a crust on top of it. In this case it's quartz/amethyst over an undetermined earlier mineral which has dissolved away.

They are found within a hard basalt, and contain very unique forms which has sometimes earned them the name "stalactitic quartz geodes".
Quartz Perimorph
Tarazout, Sidi Rahal, Morocco