Gemmy, 2" Striated Marialite Crystal - Brazil

This is an intriguing, 2" marialite crystal collected from Santo Espirito, Brazil. The glassy, light yellow color is highlighted by thick striations that run the length of the crystal and the termination has a bubbly botryoidal texture.

The crystal has been mounted to an acrylic display stand with mineral tack.

Named after the beloved wife of the geologist that discovered it, marialite is quite the interesting mineral. The final member in the the scaprolite group, it bears many of the same characteristics of the other members; chiefly, a long, slender crystal habit with a glassy luster. While they can be opaque, the finest marialite specimens are transluscent with just a touch of coloring - be that yellow, pink, blue, or grey. What sets marialite crystals off are their deep striations and botryoidal terminations. Collectors agree that there's nothing quite as awe-inspiring as a bubbly, doubly terminated marialite crystal. The best marialite in the world comes from Tanzania and Brazil, but it is also found throughout North America, western Europe, and the middle east.
Santa Maria do Jetiba, Espirito Santo, Brazil
2 x .6"