Clearance Lot: 5-6" Vanadinite on Bladed Barite - 7 Pieces

This is a wholesale lot of 7 specimens of bladed barite, many dusted with small, ruby red Vanadinite crystals. These were mined near Mibladen, Morocco. Most of the pieces fall in the 5 to 6" wide range, though a couple are smaller. You will receive the exact lot shown.

These specimens are perfect for gifts, educational programs, or for resale.

Vanadinite is a mineral belonging to the apatite group of phosphates, with the chemical formula Pb5(VO4)3Cl. It is one of the main industrial ores of the metal vanadium and a minor source of lead. A dense, brittle mineral, it is usually found in the form of red hexagonal crystals.

The lead and vanadium in the vanadinite can be harmful if absorbed into the blood stream by inhalation or ingestion. The crystals won't pose a health hazard just sitting on a shelf, but we recommend that you wash your hands after handling.
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Barite & Vanadinite
Mibladen, Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Most 5 to 6" wide