Lustrous, 2.3" Epidote Crystal Cluster on Actinolite - Pakistan

This is an incredibly beautiful crystal specimen, with flawless dark green epidote crystals protruding from the pistachio green crystal coated actinolite matrix. Various shapes and sizes of epidote crystals can be found throughout this specimen.

Epidote is a green, silicate mineral that is commonly found in regionally metamorphosed rocks. It often forms lustrous, elongated and interconnected crystals that are highly coveted by collectors. While nearly all epidote is green it may take on many different shades and tones from yellowish to deep green.

Actinolite is a fibrous mineral with the chemical formula Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2. Chemically, it is very similar to tremolite, though it has more iron than magnesium.

Both actinolite and tremolite contain a form of asbestos that's made up of tiny elastic fibers. This mineral can be hazardous and should not be brought near the mouth, to avoid inhalation of the fibers. It's also suggested that you wash your hands following handling.
Epidote & Actinolite
2.3 x 1.2"