Lustrous, 2.45" Quartz and Chalcopyrite Association - China

This is a beautiful association of quartz crystals and lustrous chalcopyrite crystals, some of which are iridescent. This gorgeous specimen was collected from the Jiangxi Province of China.

Mineral aggregations from the Fengjiashan Mine are commonly listed on the market as coming from the Jiangxi Province of China. While it's possible that these two locations produce similar specimens, it's likely that some of the material is actually from the Fengjiashan Mine in the Hubei Province. In most cases, upon discovery of a new mineral deposit, the location provided will at first be altered to prevent other collectors or miners from collecting material at the site.

Some of the better known specimens to come from this region are beds of hematite-spotted quartz crystals, commonly associated with galena, dolomite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, and siderite crystals. The hematite spots are typically small and round, and are centralized near the crystal terminations. They can be found as both inclusions and/or encrusting the outside of the quartz crystals. Many of the specimens associated with chalcopyrite feature colorful iridescence.

Quartz & Chalcopyrite
Jiangxi Province, China
2.45" wide