Phenomenal, 9.9" Natural, Red Quartz Crystal Cluster - Morocco

This is a beautiful, large cluster of natural red quartz crystals from Tinejdad, Morocco. The red coloration is due to iron oxidation coating portions of the exterior of the crystals, as well as hematite inclusions within the crystals. There is a thin layer of clear quartz on most of these crystals that covers an underlying layer of red quartz, just adding to the overall beauty of the specimen.

One edge of the matrix has been cut flat, resulting in multiple options for presentation.

Morocco is one of the few sources of natural red quartz (also known ferruginous quartz) crystals. The red coloration of these quartz specimens is a result of iron oxidation (hematite) on and/or within the crystals. Some specimens can feature a banding-like pattern within the crystal when viewing in cross section, indication the iron content varied during formation of the crystal. This can result in wonderful red quartz specimens that have a clear quartz coating and a deep red phantom within.
Quartz var. Ferruginous Quartz
Tinejdad, Errachidia Province, Morocco
9.9 x 7.7", weighs just under 16.5 lbs