3.2" Gemmy Grossular Garnet Cluster - Vesper Peak, Washington

This stunning, 3.2" wide specimen contains exceptionally gemmy, orange grossular garnets within a pocket of hedenbergite-rich rock, collected from Vesper Peak in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington. There are small spots of chalcedony within this garnet pocket. This is part of a recent find in 2020 from Vesper Peak.

The edges of the rock have been cut flat, however this specimen is accompanied by an acrylic display stand for preferred presentation.

Vesper Peak is located along the Sultan Basin in Snohomish County, Washington. It's known for producing exceptional grossular garnet specimens, as well as a wide variety of other minerals including quartz, prehnite, diopside, pyrite, calcite, clinozoisite, hedenbergite and many more. The most commonly known mine is the 48-55 Mine, or the Garnet Mine, and the claim is owned by Mr. P. E. Crane of Snohomish, Washington. The hike to this location is considered quite difficult and is only accessible for about half of the year.

Grossular Garnet & Quartz Chalcedony
Vesper Peak, Snohomish County, Washington
3.2 x 2"