1.6" Polished, Golden Sheen Obsidian Spheres

These are polished spheres of golden sheen obsidian from Jalisco, Mexico. While pure obsidian is jet black, golden sheen obsidian appears to have a golden or silver sheen to it that changes in appearance as the stone is viewed from different angles. This interesting stone is mined from the La Revoltosa Mine near San Andreas, Jalisco, Mexico.

The spheres are approximately 1.6" wide but maybe slightly larger of smaller. The photos are representative of the sphere you will receive.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic "glass" that is formed when molten rock cools so quickly that the atoms don't have enough time to arrange themselves into crystals. To form obsidian, the composition of the lava must be high in silica. Depending on the minerals present within this lava along with the cooling rate, a variety of colorful bands, spots, or swirls can appear once the lava has solidified. Pure obsidian is often a solid black color, but impurities can result in small color variations throughout.

The golden sheen in golden sheen obsidian is caused by tiny gas bubbles trapped in the glass. These tiny bubbles have been stretched nearly flat along the flow layers, causing light to reflect in such a way as to produce that characteristic golden or silver sheen in the obsidian.
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Golden Sheen Obsidian
La Revoltosa Mine, San Andreas, Jalisco, Mexico
Approximately 1.6" wide