1.8" Polished Peach "Moonstone" Flat Pocket Stones

These are 1.8" side, polished peach "moonstone" flat pocket stones. This stone is sold as moonstone though that probably isn't technically correct as the adularescence effect is not present. It does exhibit a chatoyant effect.

The stone is polished into an oval shape and is rounded on all sides. Polished stones of this size and shape are generally referred to as pocket stones as they will easily fit into a pocket. The pictures are representative to the stone you will receive, but there is some variation in colors and patterning.

Moonstone is a quite common and well known gemstone that earned its name from its white to bluish "glowing" appearance under light. Good quality moonstone will have a deep light/color play under light that is similar to chatoyance, however in moonstone it is known as adularescence. This light play is a result of albite crystals within the orthoclase feldspar crystal lattice that form as a scale-like crystal formation. The light then reflects and scatters off of these formations, resulting in what appears to be a glow from beneath the surface of the stone.
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Approximately 1.8 x 1.35 x .35"