Trilobite Cake - Most Awesome Groom's Cake Ever

Posted: 09/24/14 06:40 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

This was just too awesome not to share.  At my wedding reception that past weekend I got quite a surprise from my new wife, a trilobite "groom's cake".  It was done by Mike's Amazing Cakes and the detail was just amazing.  I was always throught trilobites likely wood have tasted something like lobster, but I learned they taste like caramel and chocolate.

Trilobite cake

Trilobite cake


It was so beautiful I didn't want to cut into it, but finally gave in.

Cutting into trilobite cake

And yes in case your wondering, I did determine the species.  It is supposed to be a Utaspis marjumensis, modeled after this specimen in my collection.

Utaspis trilobite cake

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