1.1" Polished Amber With Detailed Fossil Fly & Ant (3 grams) - Mexico

This is a nicely polished piece of amber, collected from Chiapas, Mexico. It is 1.1" wide, and bares a wonderful golden-yellow color. This amber specimen is completely unaltered, and contains bug inclusions that can best be viewed under microscope. Two of the bug fossil inclusions are quite detailed; one of which is an ant (Family Formicidae) while the other is a fly (Order Diptera). There are at least 3 other bug inclusions, however they're not large or clear enough to conclusively identify.

Note: The insect inclusions in amber such as this one are typically very small and you will need magnification to make out much detail. It's very rare to get larger insects trapped in amber, as they are typically powerful enough to struggle free.

While most of the Baltic amber we have sold comes with stunning macro photography in both physical and digital forms, this is NOT available for this specimen and is reflected in the lower price points. The photography of the Baltic amber was done by our supplier and required hand polishing the amber surface very close to the inclusion, shooting up to a dozen photos and combining them using photo stacking software. This is not something we can do ourselves with this amber from Mexico. The Chiapas amber is primarily priced based on the size/weight of the amber itself, rather than the insect inclusions.

Amber is fossilized tree resin which frequently contains inclusions such as plant matter, fungi, and insects. This amber comes from mines in Chiapas, Mexico, and was formed during the early Miocene (23-28 million years ago)
Family Formicidae (Ant) & Order Diptera (Fly)
Chiapas, Mexico
1.1 x .75", weighs 3 grams
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