1.2" Permian Amphibian (Cacops) Jaw Section - Oklahoma

This is a Lower Permian amphibian (Cacops sp) jaw section from the Richard's Spur Quarry near Lawton, Oklahoma. This permian reptile material is found within cave fissure fill deposits in the quarry. The jaw section is 1.2" long and has seven teeth, most with little wear.

Comes with a small acrylic case.

Artists reconstruction of Cacops. By Dmitry Bogdanov Creative Commons License

Cacops is a genus of dissorophid temnospondyls, is one of the most distinctive Paleozoic amphibians that diversified in the equatorial region of Pangea during the Kungurian stage of the Early Permian. Dissorophids were a group of fully terrestrial, often heavily armored predators.
Cacops sp.
Richard's Spur Quarry, Lawton, Oklahoma
Arbuckle Group
1.2" long
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