1.8" Rough Baltic Amber with Fossil Fly (Diptera) - Russia

This is a 1.8" wide, rough piece of Baltic amber collected from Kaliningrad, Russia. The amber itself is orange-yellow in color and makes for excellent polishing material. There is a small fly (order Diptera) near one edge of the amber. The rough surface of the amber and the small size of the fly makes it somewhat difficult to see.

Amber is fossilized tree resin which frequently contains inclusions such as plant matter, fungi, and insects. This amber comes from Russia and is believed to have formed during the middle Eocene (~44 million years ago or older) Epoch.
Please note: The market is flooded with fake amber, which is often plastics with insects embedded in it. The insect inclusions in amber are almost always tiny. Larger insects are able to struggle free and are not preserved. If you see something that looks too good to be true, it often is. Make sure to buy from a reputable dealer.
Order Diptera
Kaliningrad, Russia
1.8 x .9"
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