13.4" Hadrosaur (Edmontosaurus) Vertebra With Metal Stand - Wyoming

This is an exceptionally well preserved, proximal caudal (tail) vertebra of a hadrosaur (Edmontosaurus annectens) from our partner's lease on the Lance (Creek) Formation in Weston County, Wyoming. It is in excellent condition, complete with both transverse processes, a spinous process, a beautifully preserved centrum, and both prezygapophyses/postzygapophyses. The preservation of the processes is amazing, considering these features are often lost over the years due to their fragile nature.

The entire vertebra measures 13.4 x 8" (2.9" thick centrum) and is accompanied by the pictured custom metal display stand.

Each process required crack repair and some minor gap fill restoration within some of the cracks. The rock within the neural canal has been removed and there is some gap fill restoration to the left pedicle. The restoration on this specimen is extremely limited and makes up only 2-3% of the entire vertebra. This is truly a magnificent specimen.

Hadrosaurs are frequently referred to as duck-billed dinosaurs and are members of the Ornithischian family Hadrosauridae. They were fairly common herbivores that roamed Asia, Europe, and North America during the Upper Cretaceous Period. Many species of Hadrosaurs had distinctive crests on their heads, some of which had air-filled chambers that may have produced a distinct sound. These crests may have been used for both audio and visual display purposes.
Edmontosaurus annectens
Weston County, Wyoming
Lance (Creek) Formation
13.4 x 8", 13.9" tall on stand
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