15.4" Fossil Running Rhino (Subhyracodon) Partial Skull - Wyoming

This is an exceptional, 15.4" long early rhino (Subhyracodon) upper skull. It was collected from the White River Formation of Converse County, Wyoming, making this specimen approximately 32 million years old. Almost the entirety of the upper skull is present excepting some of the teeth in the maxilla and portions of the nasal bone and the front teeth. It is in very good condition with natural teeth and little gap fill restoration!

Comes with a metal and acrylic display stand.

During collection the specimen broke into several pieces, resulting in some fracturing which required crack repair and the occasional spot of gap fill restoration.

Subhyracodon was a genus of hornless running rhinoceroses, roughly the size of modern day cows. They are an extinct line; I'm sure you've noticed there are no rhinos browsing the plains of North America today.

Subhyracodon sp.
Converse County, Wyoming
White River Formation
Jaw: 15.4 x 6.8 x 6.4"
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